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A Greener Future & How We Are Helping Get There.

As a recycler, we understand the huge responsibility we have to look after the planet and to ensure a greener future. This is exactly why we take your plastic waste and through a specifically designed polymer moulding process, we turn it back into brand new, recycled products for the world market.

In 2019 we teamed up with experts in the "Injection Mould" field, to provide a solution to the ever-growing landfill crisis that we are collectively heading towards.

We were able to design, create and manufacture a verity of moulds ranging from Watering Cans to House Hold Buckets.

We now use these moulds, in house, to turn your unwanted waste back into new products for the world, the very same day.

By doing this we have been able to reduce our negative output, minimise our carbon footprint and most importantly we have been able to give our clients the satisfaction and peace of mind that they are contributing to a greener future.

This is paramount for the future of our planet.

How it Works

Take a 'behind the scenes look at how we turn your granulated waste into a brand new product ensuring not a single gram more arrives at landfill.

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The Economical Loop


To find out more about our unique moulding process and if you are eligible, please contact a member of our support team